Intuitive internet of things


The coming decade will see a rise in smart connected systems. Machines, buildings, vehicles, personal appliances will all be equipped with more intelligence that will be interconnected - the internet of things (IoT). Smart systems will be unobtrusive, ultrasmall, cheap, intelligent, and ultra-low power. They will include sensors, actuators, and processing and communication abilities, often in a one-chip wireless solution.

Imec aims to bring this internet of things to the next level. To do so, we develop the building blocks for an easy-to-use, intuitive IoT that surrounds us unnoticed. That interacts with us as individuals and learns from our habits, our preferences, our health… An IoT that will connect a wide range of systems. That will turn the massive amount of monitored data into information to make the right decisions and take the right actions, taking our privacy into account.

This new, intuitive internet of things will increase our wellbeing and comfort, and will help manage the sustainability, complexity and safety of our world.

Imec, a world-leading nanoelectronics R&D center, with expertise in radio, wireless sensing, ultra-low power electronics, body area networks, diagnostics and flexible electronics, leverages its technology advancements and global partnerships to develop the building blocks of the intuitive internet of things.