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CMOS scaling

Intuitive Internet of Things

Internet of Health

Internet of Power

How to get access to imec’s research?

Imec’s industrial affiliation programs (IIAPs)

  • Precompetitive R&D together with other technology leaders
  • Share risk and cost of advanced research
  • Broad scope of interest
  • Profit from a deep knowledge of the technology and a close contact with the people involved

Bilateral research

  • Focus on one or more specific aspects
  • Involving just your company and imec
  • Working on a dedicated solution

Development on demand

  • Solve a technical issue or looking for a custom development
  • Concept design
  • Prototyping: custom design, process development, packaging, testing, reliability
  • Manufacturing at imec
  • Transfer to foundry

Licensing and technology transfer

Process steps, modules, complete process technologies and IP blocks owned by imec can be licensed.

European co-funded projects

Imec is involved in numerous FP7 research projects, co-funded by the European Union. Click here for a list of the current FP7 projects in which imec is collaborating.