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IMEC announces MEMS design and technology agreement with INTI-CITEI


IMEC, Leuven, Belgium, Europe's leading center for microelectronics and ICT R&D, has signed an agreement with INTI-CITEI, the Argentinean research center on telecommunications, electronics and information technology, which allows INTI to use IMEC’s technology and design know-how of micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) and advanced packaging technology for internal R&D purposes.

INTI-CITEI is engaged in the business of thick film technology and wishes to upgrade its current facilities, to set up a state-of-the-art MEMS laboratory. Gaining inside in IMEC’s valuable know-how relating to integrated circuit packaging techniques and MEMS is a first step to realize their ultimate intention to support and introduce highly advanced microelectronics in the Argentinean industry and, more specifically, in specialized small- and medium-sized enterprises. INTI-CITEI aims to introduce these advanced technologies after two years into the other member states of the MERCOSUR countries (Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay and Chile).

This agreement is also of significant importance for IMEC, as IMEC increasingly widens its industrial activities to play a world-wide active role in the industrial development of microelectronics. The contract enables IMEC to introduce its existing research and know-how in various fields of microelectronics, as well as its highly advanced training programs, to the Latin-American continent, and more specifically to the MERCOSUR member countries.

The agreement has been signed for two years.  However, both parties have expressed a desire to enter into long-term collaboration agreements on technology transfers and training programs in the near future. For the entire duration of the contract, two scientists from INTI-CITEI will reside at IMEC.

This agreement is the next phase in the collaboration following the Memorandum of Understanding between an Argentinean delegation and IMEC, signed on April 20, 1999, during the Flanders Technology Fair in Ghent (Belgium). In the Memorandum of Understanding, it was decided to set up a working group to look at all aspects and characteristics to establish a new microelectronics center in Argentina. As part of this working group, IMEC plays a prominent role as advisor, based on its valuable expertise as R&D center in the field of microelectronics. In the meanwhile, the working group, consisting of IMEC and INTI-CITEI people, has intensively discussed all technical and financial aspects and the industrial property rights (IPR), in order to realize this planned microelectronics center.


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