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IMEC announces new program for 157nm lithography process development and welcomes industry participation


IMEC at Semicon West 2000, San Francisco, July 10-12, booth #4402, Esplanade Hall, Moscone Center

While the 193nm program is running very successfully at IMEC on the ASML PAS5500/900 step and scan system, IMEC announces a new challenging development program, to be launched next year, aimed at delivering manufacturable 157nm lithography processes by 2003.

The 157nm lithography program, planned in close collaboration with ASML, will focus on accelerating the development of an appropriate resist process. IMEC is currently building the necessary infrastructure for a 157nm lithography cell, including a mid-field stepper, interfaced to a track and with the necessary metrology equipment.  The lithography cell will become operational mid 2001.  The stepper has a high NA and low reticle magnification, which closely approaches that of first generation full-field step-and-scan systems.

IMEC invites resist companies and mask shops with an active 157nm development program, that wish to have early access to this lithography cell to test their own materials.  Also IC manufacturers are targeted that want to closely follow the 157nm resist process and reticle progress and want to generate early experience with 157nm lithography for early dry etch and device development work.

It is intended to start in a later year a follow-up program in collaboration with ASML based on full-field scanning, very similar to the current 193nm program, focusing on the 70nm and 50nm technology nodes.

Commenting on today’s announcement, Dr. Luc Van den hove, IMEC’s Vice president, Silicon Process Technology, notes: “157nm technology is a patterning process that builds on proven industry infrastructure and manufacturing capability.  However, it is clear from our feasibility studies that the 157nm photoresist and process developments, together with appropriate resolution enhancement techniques, will have to be completed within an accelerated time frame if we are to meet the ITRS roadmap.”


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