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ITF2013 Korea

The past decades have been marked by a far-reaching (r)evolution in our professional, private and social life. ICT, healthcare, transportation, energy generation and consumption have experienced an amazing change, driven by progressive innovations in nanoelectronics. The world is changing at an ever-increasing speed. Today, we are at a critical point in time to make our changing world sustainable.

Nanoelectronics-based innovation combining a myriad of technologies and collaboration between R&D institutes and companies across countries and continents are indispensable to create sustainable solutions. At ITF2013 Korea you will witness how imec accelerates innovation through global collaboration. How imec confronts different ideas and opinions, and combines different technologies, to create sustainable solutions for our information and communication society, to make a sustainable healthcare system and to solve the energy and urbanization challenges.

At ITF2013 Korea, you will get early insight in market trends, evolutions and latest breakthroughs in semiconductor technologies, smart imaging systems, technologies for sustainable energy consumption, and new opportunities in healthcare arising from the convergence between nanoelectronics and biotechnology.

ITF2013 Korea is also the ideal networking place to meet key players from industry and research institutes to discuss how to keep abreast in a fast changing economy and make your nanoelectronics-based business a sustainable one.

Looking forward to meeting you at ITF2013 Korea in Seoul.

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